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Visble Coating

Visible Coatings (400nm~700nm)(450nm~750nm)

Jiheng Optics provide various kinds of coatings in Visible range. Besides, we will manufacture your custom made products as your requirements. There are many kinds of raw material for the substrates in this range. Coatings that meet adhesion, abrasion, temperature and humidity requirements of MIL-C-675.


 Single wavelength、 BBAR


 Single wavelength、 BBHR

 Partial reflectance coatings (Beam Coatings)

 Single wavelength beam coatings Broadband wavelength

Jiheng Optics will provide SCHOTT, CDGM, HOYA, Former USSR material substrates for you. As for your reference, we list the following coatings for you.

-AR Single layer for 420nm~750nm. R<0.1@632nm

-Beam coatings R:T=50:50 for 400nm~750nm.

-BBAR coatings for 450nm~750nm Ravg<0.5%

-BBHR coatings for 450~750nm Tavg<0.2%

Select a coating appropriate to your application or contact us with your special coating requirements.

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