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Spherical lens

Spherical lenses are the primary products of Jiheng Optics. Almost 60% of all Jiheng Optics products are spherical lenses. Please trust that Jiheng Optics will supply you qualified products  which are praised and recognized by all of our customers. There is a wonderful quality control standard being used in the workshop, and the products’ quality report will show you that your choice is correct. Jiheng Optics just need a chance to show our products and after service to get your satisfaction. 
Jiheng Optics also specializes in projects which require many types of lenses with small quantities in one time, so if you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our sales engineer.
The following summary is the reference about the best quality we can supply to you matched with different materials and dimensions.
N-BK7, UV F.S.
Diameter 5mm-30mm(+0/-0.02mm)
 Radius                               surface flatness           surface quality         centration error 
 R(3mm-10mm)+/-2‰                λ/6                          20/10                  <1arcmin
 (15mm-50mm)+/-1.5‰             λ/6                          20/10                  <1armin
 (60mm-1000mm)+/-1‰            λ/6                          20/10                  <1arcmin
Diameter 31mm-90mm(+0/-0.02mm) 
 Radius                              surface flatness            surface quality         centration error 
 R(16mm-60mm)+/-1.5‰          λ/4                          40/20                   <1arcmin
 (61mm-5000mm)+/-1‰          λ/4                           40/20                   <1arcmin
Diameter 91mm-120mm(+0/-0.02mm) 
 Radius                              surface flatness             surface quality        centration error 
 R(46mm-5000mm)+/-1‰          λ/4                          40/20                   <1arcmin

Diameter 5mm-30mm(+0/-0.02mm) 
 Radius                               surface quality                centration error 
 (3mm-50mm)+/-2‰              10/5                              <1arcmin
 (50mm-1000mm)+/-1‰          10/5                            <1arcmin
Diameter 31mm-50mm(+0/-0.02mm)  
 Radius                                      surface quality              centration error 
 (16mm-50mm)+/-1.5‰                20/10                         <1arcmin
 (50mm-1000mm)+/-1‰               20/10                        <1arcmin
Diameter 55mm-120mm(+0/-0.02mm)  
 Radius                                       surface quality            centration error 
 (26mm-50mm)+/-1.5‰                40/20                        <1arcmin
  (51mm-5000mm)+/-1‰              40/20                       <1arcmin

Diameter 5mm-50mm(+0/-0.02mm)
 Radius                                     surface quality             centration error 
 (3mm-50mm)+/-1.5‰                   40/20                      <1arcmin
  (60mm-5000mm)+/-1‰               40/20                      <1arcmin
Diameter 60mm-120mm(+0/-0.02mm)  
 Radius                                       surface quality             centration error 
  (31mm-60mm)+/-1.5‰                  40/20                      <1arcmin
  (61mm-5000mm)+/-1‰                 40/20                      <1arcmin

Diameter 5mm-50mm(+0/-0.02mm)  
 Radius                                     surface quality                centration error 
  (3mm-50mm)+/-1.5‰                40/20                          <1arcmin
  (60mm-5000mm)+/-1‰             40/20                          <1arcmin
Diameter 60mm-120mm(+0/-0.02mm)  
 Radius                                    surface quality                      centration error 
  (31mm-60mm)+/-1.5‰             40/20                                   <1arcmin
 (61mm-5000mm)+/-1‰             40/20                                   <1arcmin
The above results are from Zygo interferometer. If you need other specification reports, please contact us, we will always be here to support you. 

 We can also manufacture custom made lenses as your request strictly .
-Meniscus lens                                         -Achromatic Lens
-Bi-Convex Spherical Lens                          -Bi-Concave Spherical Lens  
-Plano-Convex Spherical Lens                     -Plano-Concave Spherical Lens
Usually some customers confused that why the unit price change so seriously with the quantities. The following example will show you the reason.
In the polishing process the products(not polished windows and lenses) should be fixed on a plate and then assembled into the polishing machine. Sometimes the lenses have a suitable dimension and radius that can be polished several quantities in one time as the picture showed. But sometimes the lenses with too small radius or too big radius caused that just can polishing one piece of lens in one time.  
All of the lenses have to be fixed on a plate for polishing. The plate must to have the same radius with the lens. Jiheng Optics have more than 3000 pairs of plate and more than 3000 pairs optical plate. This can save you lots if we have the plate can be matched as your request. 

Jiheng Optics can supply the optical plate list to you, please contact us.when you need it.

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