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Pellin-broca prism

-Low loss for p-polarized beam

-Versions available for femtosecond GVD correction

-Separation of harmonic wavelengths-High power use

Pellen Broca prism is a constant deviation 90deg dispersing prism, The input angle is arranged so that total internal reflection occurs at the internal face. This will provide a constant 90deg deflection for the beam with dispersion. If the input beam enters the long side of the prism the longer wavelengths will be deviated less. These prisms provide a convenient way to compensate for group velocity dispersion in ultra-fast lasers or to separate harmonic wavelengths in an incoming laser beam.

Because Jiheng Optics mainly focuses on the custom products, So there is no standard products for you to choose, please contact our sales engineer for your requirement and below is the best quality of this product we can supply for your reference.

Material: BK7A or Fused Silica

Reference Dimension:10mm~50mm

Surface Flatness: < λ/8 @ 633nm

Surface Quality: <10/5

Dimension Tolerance:< +0.00/ -0.05mm

Angle tolerance:<5 arcsec

If the above dimensions do not meet your requirements, please feel free contact us. Thank you.

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