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Right angle prism

-Total internal reflection prism.

-90deg or 180deg beam deflection.

Right angle prisms may be used for beam deviation or as substrates for beam splitters. When a beam enters to one of leg of the prism  normally it arrives at the hypotenuse face with a greater incidence angle than right-angle side. It will go through a total internal inflection at the hypotenuse face and emerges on the other leg face normally. If the beam is inputted normally on the hypotenuse face it will underdog two total internal reflections at the leg faces and emerges in the opposite direction (180deg deflection).

Because Jiheng Optics mainly focuses on the custom products, So there is no standard products for you to choose, please contact our sales engineer for your requirements and below is the best quality of this products we can supply for your reference.

Material:BK7A, UV F.S., Calcium Fluoride

Reference dimension:10mm~50mm

Surface Flatness:< λ/8 @ 633nm

Surface Quality:<20/10 (contain CaF2)

Dimension Tolerance:< +0.00/ -0.05mm

Angle Tolerance:<5 arcsec

If the above dimensions do not meet your requirements, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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