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Penta prism

-Reflects rays through a 270deg angle by two reflections and does not invert the image.

-Movement of the prism does not affect the right angle at which rays are reflected.

Penta prism is extremely useful in alignment systems as they define a right angle very precisely and independently of angle of incidence. Rays entering one face emerge from the adjacent face at precisely 90deg after they have undergone two reflections inside the prism for a total of 270deg. The penta prism acts as a turning mirror which is insensitive to alignment.

JH Optics speciliazed in customized products, there is no standard products for you to choose, please contact our sales engineer for your requirement and below is the best quality of this product we can supply for your reference .

Material:BK7A, UV F.S.           

Reference Dimension:10mm~50mm

Surface Flatness:< λ/4 @ 633nm

Surface Quality:<40/20

Dimension Tolerance:< +0.00/ -0.05mm

Angle Tolerance:<15 arcsec

If the above dimensions do not meet your requirements, please feel free contact us. Thank you.

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