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Jiheng’s strength mainly lies in the following:

Strength 1: Customized Products

Particularly, Jiheng Optics specilizes in providing the products of high precision and sophistication, with diversified types, quantity ranging from 1-500 sets. Certainly, we are also welcome to the bulk purchase.  

Strength 2: Trustworthy and Scientific Quality Control System

In order to assure the quality of the products and minimize the error , Jiheng Optics highlights production quality control and established his own product quality control system and practices have shown the system is efficient, reasonable and reliable. Our customers domestially or abroad all consent Jiheng’s quality control system. Our quality standard can conform to the following quality standard:MIL-O-138030B,ISO10110, DIN3140, thereby,the corresponding products can be produced smoothly.  

Strength 3: Quick and Reliable Quotation  

Jiheng Optics can offer you the quotation upon the receit of your request within 24hours. In terms of production life cycle, Jiheng’s is much shorter than the Chinese counterparts.(MAX:five weeks/100pieces) Jiheng Optics has certain stock of products you order in some circumstances,which is convenient for you to replace some if they are damaged.  We can replace it for you for free for Jiheng OPTICS partners only!  

Jiheng Optics competitive prices, experience, efficiency, and reliablity have won goodwill and trust among our many business clients worldwide. If we have the chance to cooperate with you,  I promise you can harvest the products with top quality but with the most attractive price.

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